21st-century Challenges for Archaeology - Workshop 4: Online discussion

21st-century Challenges for Archaeology - Workshop 4.

New models for advisory services: potential future roles for local authority archaeology services and Historic England

Online discussion 20th-21st September 2017

The next online discussion in the 21st-century Challenges for Archaeology series will take place on 20th – 21st September 2017 through the Historic England LinkedIn Group. Local authority Archaeology Services and Historic England teams between them deliver the information and advice that is essential for the protection and management of archaeological sites, structures and landscapes. At a time when all public sector budgets are reducing we will be talking about the future: what kind of services do we want, and how can we ensure their survival?

Further information about the online discussion, including background briefing papers, will be available through the CIfA website from the beginning of September at:

You can catch up on the three online discussions and workshops that have taken place so far at:

Comments on the recommendations from each workshop are invited. Please send to them to Jan Wills (janwills [at] keme.co.uk).

To join in the next online discussion you will need to be a member of the Historic England LinkedIn Group. Sign up in advance by following the links on the CIFA project web page above.

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