2019 Training Award won by Keith Westcott for the Association of Detectorists

The 2019 Award, presented at the opening event of the CIfA Conference, was won by 'Metal Detecting for Archaeological Projects', an initiative that aims to train detectorists in archaeological principles, techniques, standards and ethics. The initiative responds to demand from detectorists to become better integrated into archaeological practice and for them to be recognised as having specialist skills that can have an important place in archaeological fieldwork.

The Archaeology South-East initiative ‘Where do you draw the line’ was Highly Commended: a training scheme related to harassment at work. The carefully devised course provided high-quality training for all ASE staff in what behaviours to expect within the organisation but also externally, when in the field or dealing with the public. A better understanding of acceptable behaviour has the potential to make ASE a better place to work and an employer of choice.

The ATF Training Award recognises excellence in training, learning and professional development. It is open to organisations and individuals in both the paid and voluntary sectors and aims to promote the value of training to the discipline as a whole.

More information about the previous winners of the Award, and those who were Highly Commended, can be found on the ATF website http://archaeologytraining.org.uk/atf-award/award-archive/. ATF is keen to publicise and promote good practice in training, learning and professional development so, if you’re involved in a training scheme that you’d like to enter for next year’s award visit the website http://archaeologytraining.org.uk/atf-award/ for more details and look out for the call for nominations in early 2020.

ATF Award winner 2019

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