Trains and boats and drains: Infrastructure and the Historic Environment LAG Conference

Saturday 23 February 2013, 10am-4.45pm

The Gallery, Alan Baxter & Assocs. 75, Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL

London has been the focus of both Government and private enterprise spending on Infrastructure for a number of years, and this looks set to continue. In this Conference we want to explore how the Historic Environment has fared in these works, to what extent has it been seen as an `asset’, or possibly a hindrance, and how has its protection been managed, particularly in sometimes complex project management structures? What have we learnt, and what can inform projects in the future? Talks will cover completed projects, ones in build at the moment, and ones being planned. We will look at historic infrastructure, as well as the continuing management of heritage assets.

Tickets: £25

To book tickets please contact Camilla Massara at the IfA: camilla.massara [at] or download the programme and booking form

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