Micki McNie - conference bursary recipient at CIfA2021

In 2020 I decided to move countries and change careers beginning with an MA in Buildings Archaeology. My success depended largely on using networking to learn about jobs within the field, develop relationships, and find opportunities to build new skills. Then COVID came along severely hampering my ability to do any of those things. Naturally I was excited when CIfA announced they would be holding a digital conference in April 2021 as it would be a rare opportunity to connect with other professionals.

Being awarded a conference bursary allowed me to attend the conference as a graduate student, giving me a well-rounded introduction to my new career field. Not only did I get to hear from experts working in different aspects of archaeology, including other buildings archaeologists, but I was able to participate in important, relevant discussions on issues like decolonisation and digital accessibility. This really boosted my commitment to my studies and developing my new career.

Attending a professional conference during a year when I was hardly able to interact with my fellow students was an encouraging and useful opportunity that I greatly appreciated. I look forward to attending in person in the future.