How to apply online

Please read the Application Guide for accredited applications before you apply.

You MUST include a statement of competence template or complete the boxes in the Employed or voluntary work section.

Please read the Application Guide for accredited applications first.
Please note you cannot save and return to the form later. Please ensure you have read all the guidance and completed your statement to upload or details to copy into the boxes.

Please read the Application Guide for accredited applications first.
Please note you can save the form to return to if you are logged in

Applicants from Germany please see the Deutschland Group webpage for more details before applying online.

If you have any queries please contact membership [at] and we will be happy to help.

Supporting evidence to include

In the online form you can complete the boxes or upload the documents required. Each section is explained below, further details are in the Application Guide above.

If you prefer to email the documents to membership [at] you can, but you will still need to complete your personal and referee details and application fee payment in the online form.

  1. Personal details and References - Please complete your name and address and provide two referees contact details.
    If you have completed reference forms you can upload these, please ask them to complete the reference template

  2. Education/Employed or voluntary work and list of publications (Statement of competence) - Please complete the boxes or upload a completed statement of competence template relating to the competence matrix. Upload any qualification certificates.

  3. Additional supporting evidence - Upload CVs and job descriptions, which are accepted as additional supporting evidence but you must include a Statement of competence.

  4. Examples of work - Please upload examples of work if they are under 6MB in size. For larger documents please use a file sharing service like Google Docs or We Transfer and email this to membership [at]

  5. PDP and CPD record from the last two years - Upgrading members please provide these as uploaded documents. If you are a Student or Affiliate member or have had a recent career break please provide what you can.

  6. Application fee and declaration - Please select how to pay your application fee (PayPal or Invoice) £15 PCIfA, £20 ACIfA, £35 MCIfA and £10 to upgrade, and tick the appropriate declaration box. Please note this is a non-refundable payment for the administration of your application and not the full year's subscription.

Deadline dates for applications and meetings

Thank you for your application. We will send you an email to confirm we have received your application as soon as possible after submission. You can request a receipt at this stage.