Innovation Festival October 2021


October 2021 Innovation festival


The historic environment is rich and diverse benefiting from a wide variety of specialisms. Collaborations spanning academic, community-led and developer-funded archaeological research provide fascinating insights to our collective past often with the help of new/adapted ‘innovative’ approaches. However, implementing innovation is not always straightforward

Our innovation festivals provide an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the innovative practices and approaches being undertaken across the historic environment sector, whilst tabling for wider discussion some of the identified barriers and challenges to implementing innovation in archaeological research. 

Below are links to the recorded sessions from our October 2021 festival. 

Festival recordings

Presented by: Technology and methodology in marine archaeology
Presented by:

Innovation underwater: improving the accessibility of marine heritage

Presented by: Virtually engaged – using 2D animation and virtual reality to enable access to heritage

Presented by:

The power of 3D in cultural heritage management
Presented by: Digital or divisive? Stratifying the sector
Presented by: Archaeological innovation in Wales
Presented by: Celebrating early careers and academic research - what's new?