Updating the National Occupational Standards for Archaeological Practice

Last year, IfA was commissioned by Creative and Cultural Skills, the sector skills council for archaeology, to update the Functional Map for Archaeological Practice which underpins the National Occupational Standards (NOS). For more information on the NOS for Archaeological Practice and how they were developed, see the National Occupational Standards page

This year, we are looking at the NOS themselves. A draft revised version has been prepared with input from some of the IfA Special Interest Groups and taking into account feedback from users, particularly our network of NVQ assessors.

The consultation on the first draft runs until 15 September and it would be really helpful to have input from members. The revised NOS are available to download below. There is a seperate Word document for each unit, with the revisions showing as tracked changes. You can either send comments to me as text or you can download individual units, make changes (with tracked changes on) and send them back to me as email attachments. It would also be very helpful if you could complete a short Survey Monkey questionnaire which can be accessed by following this link


This is to enable CCSkills to gather the data they need on to show that the consultation has engaged with employers and practitioners across the UK. The deadline for responses is the 15th September.

Following the consultation, a second draft will be prepared and there will be further consultation but concentrating, at that stage, on higher level issues. This is the opportunity to input into the detail of the NOS.

If you have any queries or problems opening or downloading the documents, please let contact kate.geary@archaeologists.net.

Code Title Word file
CCSAPAA1 Develop policies and guidance for archaeology download here
CCSAPAA2 Commission research download here
CCSAPAA4 Establish plans and monitor implementation download here
CCSAPAA5 Provide guidance on and process applications for resource support download here
CCSAPAB1 Propose and plan a research project download here
CCSAPAB2 Develop and agree objectives for projects download here
CCSAPAB3 Propose and agree project methods download here
CCSAPAB4 Agree a brief download here
CCSAPAB5 Estimate resources and develop programmes download here
CCSAPAB6 Co-ordinate the procurement process download here
CCSAPAB7 Prepare and agree the contract download here
CCSAPAC1 Research and analyse information to achieve objectives download here
CCSAPAC2 Conduct non-intrusive investigations download here
CCSAPAC3 Contribute to non-intrusive investigations download here
CCSAPAC4 Conduct intrusive investigations download here
CCSAPAC5 Contribute to intrusive investigations download here
CCSAPAC6 Store items download here
CCSAPAC7 Transfer items download here
CCSAPAC8 Undertake analysis and interpretation download here
CCSAPAD1 Characterise the archaeological resource and recommend action download here
CCSAPAD2 Assess options for conserving the archaeological resource in situ download here
CCSAPAD3 Identify and describe archaeological items download here
CCSAPAD4 Develop conservation plans for items download here
CCSAPAD5 Develop and implement preventive conservation procedures for items download here
CCSAPAD6 Apply preventive care procedures to items download here
CCSAPAD7 Develop and implement remedial conservation procedures for items download here
CCSAPAD8 Implement routine interventive conservation procedures download here
CCSAPAE1 Develop information systems to meet the needs of users download here
CCSAPAE2 Develop procedures for the use of information systems download here
CCSAPAE3 Classify, compile and maintain data on the material remains and intangible heritage of past communities download here
CCSAPAE4 Provide information on the material remains and intangible heritage of past communities to others download here
CCSAPAE5 Disseminate, deposit and archive data on the material remains and intangible heritage of past communities download here
CCSAPAF1 Develop strategies for the maintenance and use of a collection download here
CCSAPAF2 Prepare the accommodation of items download here
CCSAPAF3 Acquire and dispose of items and collections download here
CCSAPAF4 Lend and borrow items download here
CCSAPAG1 Develop the organisation’s education and learning strategy download here
CCSAPAG2 Commission work on interpretative and educational media download here
CCSAPAG3 Identify and evaluate the requirements of users of exhibitions or interpretative activities download here
CCSAPAG4 Plan and deliver interpretative activities download here
CCSAPAG5 Plan marketing activities download here
CCSAPAG6 Support community engagement with the historic environment download here
CCSAPAH1 Develop a strategy for the development of a cultural heritage organisation download here
CCSAPAH2 Represent the interests of a cultural heritage organisation download here
CCSAPAH3 Develop public relations strategies and monitoring arrangements download here
CCSAPAH4 Agree professional services download here
CCSAPAH5 Select personnel for activities download here
CCSAPAH6 Develop teams and individuals download here
CCSAPAH7 Oversee project costs, quality and progress download here
CCSAPAH8 Prepare for potential disasters download here
CCSAPAH9 Reduce risks to health and safety in the workplace download here
CCSAPAH10 Contribute to health and safety in the workplace download here
CCSAPAH11 Manage the performance of teams and individuals download here
CCSAPAH12 Deal with poor performance in your team download here
CCSAPA13 Devise and implement methods to resource a cultural heritage organisation download here
CCSAPAH14 Manage finance in the business unit download here
CCSAPAH15 Evaluate archaeological project achievements and secure improvements download here
CCSAPAJ1 Maintain compliance with archaeological requirements download here
CCSAPAJ2 Contribute to advances in the body of knowledge and archaeological practice download here
CCSAPAJ3 Develop your own resources and protect the interests of others download here