CIfA Conference 2015 - sessions

The full session list for the 2015 conference can be found below. You can also download the session abstracts (PDF file).

  • Great expectations? structural changes to national heritage services
  • The future of engagement
  • “We do not do that anymore”- the future of the graphics profession in archaeology
  • The future of our profession
  • The future of their professions
  • National importance: recognising archaeological significance for planning
  • Demystifying 'capacity building'
  • Archaeology on the farm: integrated management of the historic environment within rural land management schemes
  • Glass ceilings, glass houses, or glass parasols? confronting issues of gender in the archaeological profession
  • From post excavation to après-fouille: adding value to our products in the 21st century
  • Our past, its future: the built environment in a changing world
  • ‘Easier said than done’– understanding archaeological works within paradigm of the bigger undertaking
  • The big picture. big data, knowledge organisation and the historic environment: shaping the future of historic environment service provision
  • The future of archaeology has been shelved