CIfA2021 online: bursary options

In moving to an online format for the CIfA 2021 conference, our hope is that our digital programme will improve the accessibility of the conference, whilst shielding participants; particularly those who may be at risk or vulnerable, from COVID-19.

To our aim of making the conference as accessible as possible, we have a number of bursary options available to assist with the cost of registering or attending CIfA2021. To find out more about the bursaries that are available as well as how to apply, please see further details below:


MSDS Marine Bursary

With special thanks to MSDS Marine, 3-day online registration passes for CIfA2021 are available for students who have a background or experience in, or are studying marine archaeology. To be considered for this bursary, please complete the MSDS Marine bursary application form and email this to: by 31 March 2021.

Theresa O'Mahoney Memorial Conference Bursary

We are delighted to again be offering the Theresa O'Mahoney Memorial Conference Bursary in partnership with the Enabled Archaeology Foundation (EAF) and British Archaeological Jobs and Resources (BAJR). For CIfA2021, the bursary will aim to cover the cost of conference registration and assistive technology to aid professional dis/Abled archaeologists in accessing and participating in the conference. To be considered for this bursary, please complete the Theresa O'Mahoney bursary application form and email this to before 31 March 2021.


Hal Dalwood Trust Conference Bursary 

In memory of Hal Dalwood, the Hal Dalwood Trust has been established to provide an annual bursary to enable an early career archaeologist of any age to attend the CIfA conference. Contributions to the fund have also been made by several CIfA members and other archaeologists and it is open to those in the first ten years of their career in archaeology. To be considered for this bursary, please complete the Hal Dalwood Trust bursary request form and email this to before 31 March 2021.


CIfA Conference Bursary Scheme

The CIfA Conference Bursary Scheme offers assistance with registration costs for CIfA members who are students, unemployed, on a low income or for whom the cost of registering to attend the conference would otherwise be prohibitive. To be considered for a CIfA Conference Bursary for 1 or 3 days, please complete the CIfA bursary request form and email this to before 31 March 2021.