SPEAK: Compelling presentations, a one-day masterclass

The SPEAK workshop with Carol Jefferson-Davies BA(Hons)JH PGCE (QTS)successfully took place on 8th October 2013 in Edinburgh.

The difference you need for the difference you want to make

Archaeologists are expected as a matter of course to be able to speak about their work to anyone, and public expectations of open days and lectures are higher than ever. If you're fazed by speaking in the public arena - whether to conference, colleagues or mixed groups and are looking for a hands-on, inspiring course that will really raise your game, this is the one. A respected former BBC producer, Carol uses video to let you see yourself in action and learn from it. From years of professional experience, training presenters for BBC documentary and education programmes, Carol is able to quickly diagnose and doctor root causes of difficulty and brings out abilities from within you, that you may not realise you possess.

In a mix of teaching and individual coaching, Carol enables each person to build on their strengths and provides really practical techniques and tips to overcome weaknesses. She teaches you how to connect meaningfully with your audience, continually engage their thoughts and imagination, how to make your message memorable, manage your nerves, and deliver your message with presence and impact.

This course is a real eye-opener and great confidence-builder. Carol creates a happy and relaxed atmosphere where effective learning is achieved often through a great deal of fun and laughter which is instinctively engendered within the group. Her clients speak of coming away empowered, invigorated and enabled by the experience. This course makes a difference.

  • 'Inspiring and really practical – what more could I ask?' A.McC.
  • ‘A fantastic day… You were a great help and can work magic.' S.L.

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