Degree accreditation - information for training providers

UCLan and Bangor University students fieldwalking in Kintyre photo Vicki Cummings

Accreditation is only open to paid members of UAUK, and it is only available to institutions based in the UK. The process of accreditation is either for entire degree programmes, or for defined pathways within these degrees (sets of modules or units). Undergraduate (single and joint honours) and Masters’ programmes may be accredited. In practice, this will mean that the degree or the pathway through a degree is accredited not the individual doing the degree. However, upon graduating from an accredited degree/pathway a graduate should meet the criteria for PCIfA (Practitioner) grade. ‘Practitioner’ is one of CIfA’s three professionally accredited member grades – the others being Associate (ACIfA) and Member (MCIfA). You can find out more information about this on the CIfA website.

For more information about the application process read Information on Accreditation.

Downloadable application and information documents

Information on Accreditation
Application form for Accreditation
Aide Mémoire for Accreditation
Accreditation FAQs

Downloadable mapping documents

1. Research and analyse
2. Health and safety
3. Ethical framework and personal development
4. Non-intrusive archaeological investigations
5. The analysis and interpretation of archaeological material and data
6. Intrusive archaeological investigations
7. Implement routine interventive conservation procedures
8. Identify and evaluate the requirements of users of exhibitions or interpretive activities