Accredited Degrees

class=image-right"UCLanChoosing an accredited undergraduate or Masters degree is a well-established career entry route in many sectors including engineering, planning and architecture, and is widely recognised as the first step on a career pathway leading to professional status. In the UK, professional accreditation is normally provided by the lead professional body within the discipline.

Accreditation of degrees in the UK is offered jointly by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and the University Archaeology UK group (UAUK). The accreditation procedure is jointly overseen, managed, and endorsed by CIfA and UAUK.

The aims of accreditation

CIfA wants the sector to have access to sufficient skilled, accredited professionals to meet the demand for historic environment services. One way to do this is to ensure that academic study is providing appropriate skills that are relevant to a career in the historic environment, and that students have the opportunity and are encouraged to achieve professional accreditation of those skills at the appropriate level.

UAUK wishes to ensure that graduates are equipped for the workplace should they wish to pursue a career in archaeology and recognise that accreditation is one way of demonstrating the quality of a degree in this field.

Through this joint initiative, CIfA and UAUK together hope to:

• Foster continued strong relations between the commercial and university sectors
• Encourage graduates to seek a career in archaeology if they so wish
• Further embed professional standards into archaeology degrees in the UK
• Encourage academics to be more involved in the work and advocacy of the CIfA
• Encourage commercial archaeologists to be more involved with university provision

If you would like more information you can find further details about the accreditation process here.