Demonstrating impact in archaeological projects

Organiser(s): Natasha Powers, MOLA and IfA Research and Impact Group (npowers [at], Kate Geary, IfA (kate.geary [at] and Amanda Forster, IfA (amanda.forster [at]

Archaeological projects undertaken across research, community and developer-funded sectors are increasingly expected to achieve a real and tangible impact on local communities, whether it be social, cultural or economic. Impact is not an impossible agenda for archaeologists. As will be demonstrated throughout the conference programme, archaeology really does have the ability to have an impact on the lives of those living and working near to archaeological sites. However, having an impact may be the easy part – what is conceivably more difficult is demonstrating how that impact has been felt.

This seminar session invites colleagues to informally discuss their own projects and how they can ensure that the impact of those projects can be documented and illustrated once the project has completed. We will also invite representatives from funding bodies and organisations who require demonstration of impact to discuss how impact is successfully managed. The discussions will be documented by the IfA Research and Impact SIG, with the intention of producing a Guide to demonstrating impact in archaeological projects during 2013.

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