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AGM 2012: event and workshop

Monday 08 October 2012

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Can you see into the future? Do you want to be part of the development of your profession? Your AGM takes place on Monday 8 October 2012 – be there to learn about and be part of the next giant leap for archaeologists.

Can you imagine a future where archaeologists are seen and appreciated as qualified professionals alongside engineers, architects and surveyors? Staring into the crystal ball, it may seem a long way off for some – but how far off is it really? The IfA is moving ever closer to making an application for chartered status. How does that sound to you? If successful we can then start to negotiate a path for chartering individuals, and we hope that by 2020 (when our current strategic vision comes to its end) our membership will include a healthy number of Chartered members.

This is the stuff of change and it will have a real impact on our profession: archaeology has come a long way since the 1970s, but we are still poorly paid in relation to our comparators. Archaeological mitigation may now be an intrinsic part of many planning conditions, but how will that fair if archaeological advice does not remain an intrinsic part of Local Government advice? There is a range of options for those wanting to pursue a career in archaeology, but it remains (arguably) a difficult and confusing path to follow. Securing a Charter for the IfA is a pretty big step for the Institute and a giant leap step for the profession (to borrow a phrase).

Members have already voted to take the road to chartered status – and the next step on that road is applying to the Privy Council. This event forms part of a period of consultation on governance changes, and provides an opportunity for members to engage in a discussion about the proposed changes and their impact. You will have the opportunity to hear why we have opted to take some options over others and will be asked what you think. The event will include an open Q&A session on the subject of Chartered status and its implications for the Institute and the future of the profession.

Governance changes, including applying for incorporation by Royal Charter, are the subject of the event, but not of the votes which will be taking place after the event. Once the consultation is formally closed, comments will be considered and revised documentation circulated. Depending on the timescales involved, we are hoping that you will be approached to vote on the proposed changes at an EGM in the late Spring of 2013. This session will inform the production of both sets of documentation.

This member event will take place from 1pm at Burlington House, London. It will be followed by the AGM at 4pm.

If you want to be part of the development of your profession, you might want to be there.

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