Proxies at the AGM

The Charter, bylaws and regulations for the Chartered Institute do not allow for appointment of proxies, unlike the Articles of Association of the Institute for Archaeologists. This is because individuals represented by proxy would not have the benefit of hearing the discussions, which should inform decisions about a resolution. The CIfA Board of Directors is aware that many members not attending AGMs might wish to influence decisions, and proposes to discuss whether additional mechanisms should be introduced with the members’ representative Advisory Council for future AGMs. All CIfA Groups have been encouraged to send a representative to the 2017 AGM with views submitted by their members.

The Board would like to remind members that the resolution being presented to the AGM is to instruct staff to continue to work up detailed arrangements for awarding Chartered Archaeologist status. If agreed, a formal vote to alter the by-laws of the Institute will not take place until at least 2018, depending on progress and the results of further consultation. Under CIfA's constitution, amendments to the Charter and by-law must be approved by a majority of 75% of members present and eligible to vote. Proposed changes to the supporting regulations can be approved by the CIfA Board of Directors following consultation with the Advisory Council.

Details of the work already undertaken to bring the proposal to this stage, including consultation workshops, conference sessions, surveys and Advisory Council discussions around the principle of a Chartered Archaeologist grade are available on the CIfA website at

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