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Diggers Forum at TAG 2012; call for papers

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DF is pleased to announce that our proposed session for TAG 2012, to be held in Liverpool, has been accepted…

The application of method and theory in professional archaeology

To many of its practitioners, practical professional archaeology appears to be rather divorced from higher discussions of archaeological theory; many methodological developments appear to be based on expediency and cost rather than derive from a strict theoretical basis. Yet within professional ‘field’ archaeology there is a strong tradition of self-examination and a constant revision of methodologies and a consequent evolution in the application and understanding of how we dig, and how we understand, our sites.

Many of these issues have been explored in arenas such as TAG and the Interpreting Stratigraphy conferences, this session will build on these foundations and explore the theory, methodology and application of professional archaeology: who we are, what we do, and what we produce.

Speakers will employ case studies, reviews and syntheses to examine and demonstrate new thinking, developments and applications in archaeological practice, and how these may be implemented within a professional framework, as well as examining how we currently work.

The session will address all aspects of professional archaeological fieldwork, from pre-excavation research and planning, through excavation itself, to post-excavation analysis and dissemination. The session will address issues relating to excavation methodology, and to ‘specialisms’ such as stratigraphy, finds and environmental work. Case studies, reviews and syntheses are invited from practitioners, and academics, working in any part of the world.

Papers can be proposed via the main conference website.

Please get in touch with Chiz Harward or Sadie Watson if you have any queries, via the DF email address

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