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Archaeological job losses: latest report

The job-market in commercial archaeology remains volatile. There was a small increase in the number of individuals in work in the three months ending 31 March 2010, but this followed a decline in the previous quarter.

It is estimated that there was a total of 6233 individuals in UK archaeological employment on 1 April 2010. In August 2007, the total was 6865, and so archaeology as a whole is now 9% smaller than it was at that time. 3404 of the individuals in work on 1 April 2010 were working in commercial archaeology, a drop of 15.7% from the August 2007 peak of 4036.

Business confidence fell in April 2010, with companies feeling less confident in their capabilities to retain staff in the forthcoming quarter than they were three months before and markedly less positive about the outlook for the next year. Companies continue to lose fieldworker skills.

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