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ALGAO: UK conference - 'Surviving the Peace'

ALGAO: UK conference - Surviving the Peace: public access,

conservation and military heritage

30 September - 1 October Culloden, Inverness

Sites associated with Britain’s military past, ranging from historic battlefields hundred of years old to Cold War installations decommissioned only recently, present a number of challenges to those wishing to see them preserved and appreciated. This seminar will explore the various ways that these challenges might be met, in the first instance by making them relevant to the modern world through public engagement. This might be achieved by providing on-site interpretation, public access and educational facilities but also by promoting community involvement in archaeological and conservation projects and utilising sites as a focus for commemoration etc. Participants will present a variety of case studies and will include curators, representatives of government agencies, members of community trusts, tourism managers and others actively engaged in this growing field.

The workshop will be hosted at The National Trust for Scotland’s visitor centre at Culloden battlefield which itself represents an international flagship for the public presentation of battlefield sites.

For more information please download a leaflet.

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
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