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Groups toolkit

The Groups toolkit is a collection of documents (including guidance, templates and forms) which will help support Group Committees in the running of group activities. Follow the links to either a PDF or DOC format document. If you require the documents in any other format, or have any problem downloading them, please contact your Groups coordinator.

Where documents are followed by (confidential), please aware that these are accessible to Committee members only and should not be circulated more widely.

The first section provides all the relevant IfA core information.

Section 1 IfA core documentation
1.1 IfA Strategic Plan (confidential) PDF
1.2 IfA Strategic Plan (summary) PDF
1.3 Groups By-law for Area and Special Interest Groups PDF
1.4 Communications plan PDF
1.5 Recruitment plan PDF

Section two of the groups toolkit provides the groundwork for each group profile, including guidance for your three-year plans and information about agreed running costs and events budget. Specific group profile information will be collated online on the individual Group webpages.

Section 2 General group management
2.1 Key contacts, including Group committee contact details PDF
2.2 Group profile (guidance) PDF
2.3 Group three-year plan (guidance) DOC
2.4 Group budgets (agreed running costs for financial year) PDF
2.5 Group events budget update
2.6 Groups Forum Webpage

The activities section provides information about the kind of tangible outputs Groups can have - such as the production of supplementary matrices to support new joiners, running events and workshops, and undertaking surveys.

Section 3 Activities
3.1 Nominating a Group Ambassador
3.2 Producing supplementary matrices (guidance for validation)
3.3 Recruitment activities (SIG members, IfA membership)
3.4 Smart CPD and groups
3.5 Understanding your membership (undertaking questionnaires and surveys)

Section four collates all general guidance, including overarching documents such as the Guidance notes for groups and more specific guidance (IfA house style; website and social media guidance).

Section 4 General group guidance
4.1 General guidance notes for groups | PDF
4.2 Guidance notes for committee members
4.3 Communicating with non IfA members
4.4 Website and social media guidance
4.5 IfA house style
4.6 Guidance for supporting disciplinary process

The finance section includes guidelines to do with the annual groups budget, as well as the expenses claim form.

Section 5 Finances
5.1 Budget guidelines PDF
5.2 Annual group budget request form PDF DOC
5.3 Expenses claim form PDF DOC

Events are financed on a case by case basis, and Group committees should provide a proposal form for each event they plan to run. Once the event had been agree in principle, the group will be asked to complete a more detailed budget outline and provide a checklist for events management.

Section 6 Events and workshops
6.1 Event/ workshop proposal form DOC
6.2 Event budget DOC
6.3 Event checklist DOC
6.4 Running your AGM

The final section of the toolkit are all the supporting templates and forms which we hope will be helpful!

Section 7 Other pro forma and templates
7.1 Committee Agenda and Minutes template DOC
7.2 AGM order of proceedings DOC
7.3 Publication proposal form (technical/ professional practice papers) DOC

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