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New advice on planning, the historic environment and archaeology in England

Historic England has published new Good Practice Advice on planning and the historic environment.

Cultural Heritage Sector Skills Survey

Survey launched to assess skills in the cultural heritage sector

Creative & Cultural Skills and English Heritage, with additional funding from the Welsh Government’s Sector Priorities Fund pilot programme, are seeking the views of employers and freelancers regarding skills and workforce development issues within the cultural heritage sector.

The survey will be used to form a basis for shaping education and workforce development schemes within the sector, including a new qualification in Wales.

IfA welcomes Scottish Government announcements on historic environment strategy and structures

IfA welcomes the publication this week by Scottish Government of its consultation on the draft Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland and its planned merger of Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.

IfA will submit a detailed response on the during the consultation period, but at this stage wishes to note its support for

Scottish Government’s recognition of the value and contribution of the historic environment the mainstreaming of heritage in policy formulation, includ

Sample press release

This is a sample press release for the purposes of providing an example.

This is a sample press release for the purposes of providing an example.

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