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IfA makes Private Eye…


It’s not the first time IfA have been mentioned in the Private Eye, but the latest edition (Issue 1337, 18 April) has given about 3 inches of copy to the recent decisions regarding IfA salary minima and the absolute requirement of IfA Registered Organisations to meet them. The article is a supportive one, and though some of the points on policy are misleading, it is interesting to see some joining up of the dots with regards to the current challenges facing heritage professionals.

IfA response on the Review of Planning Practice Guidance


IfA has responded to DCLG on the Review of Planning Practice Guidance led by Lord Taylor of Goss Moor. The review proposed a reduction in the volume of current planning guidance to create a streamlined suite of guidance to support the National Planning Policy Framework. IfA supports this in principle and has made representations on what Government guidance there should be on heritage and archaeology.

IfA and salary recommendations 2013-2014

Report on decisions of IfA Council, 30/01/2013

Council has reaffirmed IfA's vital role in improving and maintaining standards of archaeological work, and in enhancing the status of archaeologists. Council believes that inadequate pay and conditions undermine its work on both these objectives, and while the enhancement of remuneration packages is the core responsibility of trade unions, staff associations and employer bodies, IfA must continue to play its legitimate role, seeking wherever possible to encourage active engagement with the issues by other bodies.

Trains and boats and drains: Infrastructure and the Historic Environment LAG Conference


Saturday 23 February 2013, 10am-4.45pm

The Gallery, Alan Baxter & Assocs. 75, Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL

Online IfA Conference bookings


It is now possible to book your place at the 2013 IfA conference online via PayPal.

Go to http://www.archaeologists.net/2013bookings before Friday 22 March 2013 to ensure your booking at the standard booking rate.

Consultation on draft IfA Standard and guidance for archaeological advice and procurement of archaeological services


This first consultation draft of an IfA Standard and guidance for archaeological advice and procurement of archaeological services has been developed by a working group consisting of IfA staff and consultants from a range of different backgrounds and has benefitted from comments by members of IfA Council and its Professional Development and Practice Committee.


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