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AB Heritage is a professional Archaeological Consultancy providing services and advice for planning and development works to minimise project risk associated with the Historic Environment. Our works include Archaeological Consultancy, Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessments, Heritage Statements, EIA, Historic Building Recording and Geophysical Survey. We also design, procure and manage a fully bespoke suite of archaeological fieldworks, from Archaeological Evaluation and Excavation through to Watching Brief. Our dedicated, client focused team provide a professional one-stop shop for all your heritage needs.

Offices in London, Swansea, Taunton, Newcastle and Castle Donington (see below for details).

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AECOM is a global engineering and environment consultancy with over 100,000 employees worldwide.

In October 2014 AECOM acquired URS (an RO) and the URS UK heritage team and AECOM UK heritage staff joined forces. The team serves our internal clients (planning, highways, rail, energy, property development, etc.), but also external clients seeking heritage consultancy with regard to archaeology, historic landscape, built heritage and conservation management.

AECOM now has a team of 24 heritage staff based across 7 UK offices, working on UK and international projects.

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At Aeon Archaeology we pride ourselves in offering affordable archaeological contractual and consultancy services for your company, project, or private development. Based in the heart of Chester we specialise in all forms of archaeological assessment, mitigation and recording, as well as providing consultancy services. Our aim is to provide professional solutions for projects of any size, from private domestic developments, to infrastructure and energy-sector schemes.

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Archeological and other historic environment services, including excavation.

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Allen Archaeology has extensive experience in archaeological contracting and consulting, providing a one stop shop for all heritage services throughout the UK. From geophysical surveys, to desk-based research and fieldwork, our dedicated team provide a first class and cost-efficient bespoke service to suit our client’s needs.

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Archaeological Consultancy and Contracting.

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We are experts at balancing the interests of stakeholders with our professional responsibility to the shared heritage and offer a range of solutions for complex heritage situations, which are founded on realistic and achievable goals. This is all supported by a high quality financial and project management framework. From preliminary advice and assessments to comprehensive fieldwork and post-excavation analyses and publication, our professional approach is committed to achieving the best solutions for each client.

Operating since 1993, Archaeological Project Services offer cost-effective, tailor-made solutions to all archaeological and cultural heritage needs in the planning and development process. Our highly experienced project management team will respond quickly to find the right solution for your project, from initial planning through site investigation to mitigation and report publication. APS offer specialist in-house services for geophysical survey, finds analysis and graphic design and publishing and also have a wealth of experience in supporting community archaeology projects.

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Archaeological Research Services Ltd is an experienced commercial practice providing a full range of archaeological and historic buildings services throughout the UK. Our services cover all aspects of archaeological work in the areas of commercial archaeology, commissioned research, the curatorial sector, higher education and interpretation and outreach. We specialise in the design and production of interpretive materials, and archaeological reconstructions. We also have a range of in-house specialist services including geophyisical survey and human bone analysis.

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For over 30 years ASWYAS has been successfully supplying a commercial archaeology service. We are regularly employed by clients and their consultants in the preparation and execution of archaeological mitigation strategies. We also provide a range of services to the heritage industry.

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Archaeological Solutions Ltd is an independent archaeological contractor specialising in the full range of field archaeology investigations nationwide. It provides an archaeological service to both public and private sectors.

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Specialist Geophysical Surveyors.

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Archaeology & Planning Solutions specialises in heritage and archaeological assessments in the renewables, housing, highways, industrial and commercial sectors and works throughout the UK and Europe.

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Archaeology Collective is a private practice with experienced professionals and a breadth of experience. We are commercially aware and understand the planning process and its requirements. Our consultants undertake Archaeological Desk Based Assessments, offer expert advice, negotiate with County Archaeologists/curators, agree WSIs and manage the full range of archaeological survey and fieldwork on behalf of clients – as and where required. Archaeology Collective’s clients benefit from the firm’s relationship with sister companies Heritage Collective and Landscape Collective.

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Archaeology South-East is the field unit of the Centre for Applied Archaeology and the UCL Institute of Archaeology: the largest centre for archaeology and cultural heritage in Britain. We offer a comprehensive range of archaeological and heritage services.

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Archaeology Wales works across the UK offering independent services to businesses, communities and individuals. The company undertakes consultancy work, fieldwork services, desk-based services, surveys, finds analysis and programs of community engagement. It has three regional offices with dedicated Project Managers in each area to help ensure that all its services are efficiently run and targeted to local needs. AW’s managers and the company’s specialists in pre-application assessment work have a detailed understanding of the local and regional regulatory requirements of the areas in which they operate, while its fieldwork teams have expert knowledge that covers archaeology from the Early Neolithic to the modern period. The company also boasts specialists in geophysical surveying, building recording, environmental processing and the study of finds.

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Archaeology Warwickshire is a dynamic provider of the full range of commercial archaeological and heritage services with a reputation for elegant and proficient solutions to planning problems and efficient, dependable delivery. Our long established team have unrivaled experience in our core area enabling us to maintain a truly competitive offer to a wide range of clients. We have the expertise where you need it.

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Armour Heritage is an independent heritage and archaeology consultancy practice, committed to delivering professional and pragmatic archaeological and heritage solutions to both public and private sector clients across the UK. Our range of services includes initial consultancy advice, historic environment desk based assessments, heritage assessments and heritage statements, settings assessments and EIA. Through our commitment to supplying a total solution to our clients, AH also offers a full suite of fieldwork procurement and management services, guaranteeing our clients the best prices, timescales and delivery. These include archaeological watching brief, evaluation and excavation, geophysical survey and historic building related services from appraisal to full metric survey. [at]

Bancroft Heritage Services is a professional heritage practice based in Milton Keynes, offering a range of services including consultancy; preparation of heritage asset impact assessments and archaeological input to EIAs; historic building assessments and recording; small-scale watching briefs; artefact studies and outreach. These services are offered at competitive rates, and will be undertaken in line with current professional standards and the requirements of the local planning authority.

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In addition to its remit as an archaeological education and research charity, Canterbury Archaeological Trust is one of South-East England’s leading full-service archaeological consulting and contracting organisations. It offers a full range of commercial services, including archaeological and historic environment pre-planning advice and consultancy, desk-based reports to accompany planning applications, environmental impact studies, heritage asset and building recording surveys. It can undertake every type of archaeological field investigation, from evaluation to excavation. Its post-excavation assessment, analysis and publication record is second to none.

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Based at Staffordshire University, the Centre of Archaeology is committed to providing unparalleled support, expertise and consultancy on a wide variety of archaeological projects. Our highly dedicated and professional team offers a diverse range of skills and experience to allow the successful completion of archaeological projects ranging from long-term research programmes through to commercial, development-led ventures, short-term forensic police consultancy, and Continuing Professional Development training courses.

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Cultural heritage consultancy with offices across the UK, with expertise covering EIA and expert witness, desk-based assessment, site investigation, post-excavation, reporting, graphics and design, research and interpretation.

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CgMs Consulting is the UK’s largest provider of independent archaeological advice, related desk studies and fieldwork.

Based in London, with many regional offices the company works on behalf of a wide variety of landowners, house-builders, blue chip property companies, planning consultancies and numerous niche developers to resolve archaeological issues and enable sustainable development whether in historic city centres, brownfield or greenfield sites.

The Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust works to understand and interpret all aspects of the historic environment. Our Field Services team is the leading archaeological practice in mid- and north-east Wales, and one of the longest-established archaeological contractors in Europe. We provide independent, comprehensive, and high quality archaeology and cultural heritage services for a diverse range of clients. The Curatorial team maintains the regional Historic Environment Record, and provides planning advice for developers and local authorities, and heritage management solutions for farmers and landowners. The Education and Outreach team delivers innovative public archaeology, community heritage, education and training programmes.

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Colchester Archaeological Trust's primary aim is to research and promote the archaeology of Colchester.

The Trust employs a professional unit, which provides developers with a full range of archaeological services. The trust has built considerable in-house experience of complex stratified urban archaeology and associated finds research. The discovery of the Roman fortress in the 1970s and of Britain’s only Roman circus in 2004 are among the many highlights of almost 50 years of fieldwork.

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To provide historic environment advice to/on behalf of local fovernemnt on policy strategy. To implement and undertake filedwork and research projects in Cornwall, the isles of Scilly and elsewhere in England.

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We are a major national provider of archaeological and heritage services in the UK. From offices in Andover, Cirencester, Exeter and Milton Keynes, we are able to offer bespoke archaeological and heritage solutions for a diverse range of projects from major infrastructure to small-scale housing and renewable energy projects.

Our outstanding reputation is based on working closely with clients, offering expert and pragmatic advice, and effectively delivering high quality archaeological projects on time and on budget. With extensive experience of both urban and rural projects across the UK, we are able to offer the full range of fieldwork and desk-based investigations and can resource major projects wherever they occur.

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DigVentures is an innovative social enterprise committed to designing, developing and delivering community archaeology projects throughout the UK and further afield. We combine our considerable experience and understanding of development-led archaeology with a strategic approach to outreach and engagement, designing public-facing research tailored to the specific needs of our project partners, local community groups and heritage managers. We are the only community-focused organisation to have been awarded RO status, reflecting our unique approach to archaeological fieldwork, heritage consultancy, field skills training, audience development and community participation.

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Dyfed Archaeological Trust is one of the oldest established archaeological practices in Britain, with a reputation for efficient, competitive and high quality delivery of projects to public and private clients. We are divided into two sections: DAT Archaeological Services and Heritage Management.
DAT Archaeological Services provides a wide range of professional services across the country, including evaluations, excavations, desk-top assessments, building surveys, landscape surveys and geophysical surveys. We have undertaken over 2000 projects, ranging in size from small-scale watching briefs to large-scale excavations in advance of major developments, in a variety of environments, including rural, urban, intertidal and upland.
The Heritage Management section maintains the regional historic environment record and provides information and advice for understanding, appreciating and managing the historic environment of south-west Wales.

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EDAS provide a wide range of professional and cost-effective archaeological services, including appraisals, desk-top surveys and assessments, archaeological and architectural survey, evaluations and excavations, and project design and management. We have particular expertise in the survey of historic landscapes and the recording of all types of standing buildings. EDAS also have considerable experience in the provision of archaeological advice to developers and contractors, and the production of archaeological mitigation strategies.

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EDP provides independent environmental planning and design advice to the landowners, property and energy sector clients throughout the UK from offices in the Cotswolds, Cardiff and Shrewsbury. Our founding principles are based around the highest standards of client care we can manage; flexible charging structures; senior level involvement in all projects and a small team culture.These principles are as important to us today as they were when we set up the business in 2005. Since then, we have grown, almost exclusively via repeat business and recommendation, to a team of over 60 and with over 1000 projects instructed.

EDP offers independent consultancy services for all aspects of archaeology and cultural heritage. We can assist in the areas of: archaeological assessment and evaluation; heritage management plans; listed building and conservation area issues; fieldwork management; historic buildings assessment and listed building issues and conservation area and scheduled monument consent issues.

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GGAT Ltd is established to educate the public in archaeology. The Trust maintains and enhances the Regional HER, contributes to developing research agendas, and promotes knowledge and learning about the past. The Trust also provides archaeological planning management services for South Wales, provides general curatorial advice, and reports on portable antiquities.

Its project staff undertake assessments, evaluations, surveys, watching-briefs, building recording and excavations, and have had extensive involvement with major developments in the area. Projects staff also carry out monument assessment and survey works for Cadw.

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GCCAS provides information and advice on the archaeology and historic environment of Gloucestershire.

GUARD Archaeology specialise in the management of archaeology and heritage projects. We provide a comprehensive range of services for private and public sector organisations throughout Scotland and beyond.

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Gwynedd Archaeological Trust is a non-profit making educational charity and a private limited company. The Trust was established in 1975 as part of a network of four Welsh archaeological trusts covering the whole of Wales. The object for which the Trust is established, as stated in its Memorandum and Articles of Associations is to advance the education of the public in archaeology. The Trust is currently organised into three principal sections: Heritage Management, Commercial fieldwork; Administration. Each section is managed by a Principal Archaeologist, each of whom reports back to the Chief Archaeologist.

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An independent practice specialising in Archaeology and the Historic Environment. Established in 1992, the practice has a wide experience of development projects in both the public and private sectors.

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We are based in the Scottish Highlands and specialise in the archaeology of northern Britain, offering a wide range of services from consultancy, expert witness, environmental assessment, conservation management planning, training and community projects to surveys, excavations and watching briefs on individual house sites.

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Jacobs Engineering is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services. We serve a broad range of companies and organisations, including industrial, commercial and government clients across multiple markets and geographies.

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John Moore Heritage Services was founded in 1999 and is an independent heritage consultancy and archaeological practice with a staff of specialists based in Oxford with regional offices in Lancashire and South Wales.

John Moore Heritage Services is one of the leading service-providers in development archaeology, with many clients who recognise us as experts in excavation and heritage management. All work is carried out to IfA Standards and is fully complicit with bodies such as RCHME, English Heritage and Cadw.

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KDK Archaeology is a progressive, innovative company working closely with both clients and planning authorities to provide an efficient, professional and friendly service. We offer a flexible and holistic approach to fulfil archaeological requirements with the least possible delay and inconvenience. We offer a broad suite of desk-based and field services to our clients who are from both the public and private sectors and include individual developers, local authorities and multi-national companies.

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We provide a comprehensive range of archaeological and historic buildings services to the commercial, grant-funded and academic sectors; these include digital, fieldwork and desktop based services.

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The Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT) (formerly the HWTMA) is a non-profit making organization that promotes interest, research and knowledge of maritime archaeology and heritage. Our remit includes research, fieldwork, training, education and outreach. We investigate a wide range of marine heritage assets - submerged landscapes, shipwrecks, and coastal instillations - in addition to undertaking broader strategic studies. The HWTMA was formed in 1991 and MAT is now involved in many nationally and internationally significant projects.

Maritime Archaeology Ltd is a maritime archaeological consultancy owned by MAT, specialised in Environmental Impact Assessments, strategic studies, marine geophysical survey, diving and field investigations, plus education and outreach.

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The Mills Whipp consultancy has been advising clients in the development industry about archaeology for over 25 years. In that time we have worked on some of the largest and most prestigious developments in the UK. We have worked with a wide range of companies including commercial office developers, house builders, private developers and local authorities.

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MOLA provides independent advice and professional services in archaeology and built heritage. MOLA’s 340 staff operate across the UK, working with clients to discharge planning conditions swiftly and expertly, delivering trusted heritage solutions to the development sector. With 42 years’ experience, we specialise in heritage consultancy, archaeological and built heritage investigation in all settings, and operate a comprehensive range of specialist services. We are an Independent Research Organisation accredited by Research Councils UK, and run major education and public engagement programmes.

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Mouchel Consulting, part of the Kier Group, is an engineering and environmental consultancy. Our heritage team undertakes a full range of archaeological and heritage consultancy services including historic environment desk based assessments, EIA chapters, preparation of fieldwork specifications, design and management of all types of archaeological fieldwork, SM and Listed Building consent applications and negotiation with LPAs, HE, HES and the NI HED.

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Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Consultancy, specialising in heritage statements (for archaeological sites, historic landscapes, and historic buildings), UK environmental impact assessments, international environmental and social impact assessments, and due diligence reviews as part of lender's environmental and social consultant teams for international finance organisations.

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Planning advice and countryside management, records and air photographs, portable antiquities, publications, information, advice, outreach, interpretation and historic environment projects in Norfolk.

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Based within the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute in Kirkwall, Orkney, the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) offers a comprehensive range of marine and terrestrial archaeological and historic environment services across Scotland, such as impact assessments, archaeological fieldwork and post-excavation, built heritage services, environmental archaeology, marine archaeology, and archaeological sciences. Alongside commercial and public sector work and community outreach programmes, our research and applied research projects include the well-publicised work on the Ness of Brodgar; the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site Geophysics Programme; Scapa Flow shipwrecks; and mapping marine heritage sites in Orkney and the Pentland Firth as part of Project Adair.

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Oxford Archaeology is one of the largest and longest established independent archaeology and heritage practices in Europe. With over 250 specialist staff and permanent full service offices in Oxford, Lancaster and Cambridge, we provide heritage services to both public and private clients across the UK and internationally. Our projects range from major transport and infrastructure schemes, through local town centre and housing developments to minor alterations to listed buildings. Wherever heritage issues arise as part of the development process, Oxford Archaeology are on hand to help.

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Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust, established in 1988, aims to provide high quality opportunities for the conservation, enhancement and appreciation of the historic environment in the area.

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Pre-Construct Archaeology [PCA] is a well-established, independent, commercial contracting organisation founded in 1993, one of the earliest in the UK. It provides a full range of archaeological and built heritage services in all public and private sectors, including property development, house-building, transport, renewable energy, utilities, mining/aggregates etc. PCA is a major national provider of archaeological and heritage services from our Head Office in London and fully-resourced regional offices in Durham, Market Harborough, Cambridge and Winchester. The company employs more than 100 full time professional staff and has considerable experience and understanding of the imperatives of development-led archaeology, as shown by the numerous testimonials it has received. PCA is committed to outreach and local community engagement initiatives.

All work is carried out to CIfA Standards and is fully complicit with bodies such as English Heritage/RCHME, CADW and Historic Scotland and the company is ISO 9001 registered.

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Quest is a well-established commercial enterprise within the School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science (SAGES) at the University of Reading. We provide an expert Archaeological and Environmental Science service to archaeological units, environmental consultancies and government organisations.
Over the last 20 years, members of Quest have been involved in a wide range of urban and rural projects, both in the UK and abroad. Our well-qualified, longstanding team, has a wealth of experience in the field of pre-development investigation and can manage your project from initial set up and design, right through to publication.

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RSK is a multi disciplinary international environmental consultancy providing a range of services (also see:

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Rubicon Heritage are a major archaeological firm who have been delivering efficient, professional and reliable services to private and public sector clients for over ten years. We use our experience, commercial awareness and dedicated staff to meet all your archaeological and heritage needs. Rubicon have offices across the UK and Ireland, including London, Edinburgh and Cork.

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SLR Consulting Ltd is a UK-based, international, multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy. Our team of experienced staff can offer a wide range of services both nationally and locally. Our objective is to provide straight-forward advice, design and analysis on the Historic Environment to help clients achieve their aims. Our work includes early involvement as part of the design team, due diligence and risk appraisals, assessment of significance, negotiations with regulatory bodies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Conservation Management Plans, Site Investigations, Building Surveys, Mitigation works, programmes of analysis and publication, and Public Presentation of Heritage.

SLR’s heritage team work independently on many schemes or as part of multi-disciplinary teams on complex infrastructure projects, and can draw upon a wealth of knowledge in associated disciplines within the parent company.

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South West Archaeology is a well-established and independent practice based in South Molton, Devon. South West Archaeology primarily operates throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, but is also able to work further afield. The cornerstone of our practice is a dedicated and highly professional team, all of whom are skilled across a variety of archaeological and professional disciplines. We have a broad depth of experience in a range of archaeological techniques, including Desk-Based Assessments, Historic Building Surveys and Archaeological Excavation. We work in close partnership with a variety of organisations including planners, architects and government bodies, in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients and the archaeological record.

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The Historic Environment Service (HES) of the South West Heritage Trust delivers archaeological planning advice to Somerset County Council and five District Councils in Somerset. It is responsible for the management and curation of the Somerset HER. The HES offers historic environment advice to a range of other agencies and bodies such as Natural England, the Environment Agency and Water companies. The HES has an active programme of outreach and fieldwork projects linked to Heritage Lottery Funded projects and planning casework notably Hinkley Point power station project. The service also offers conservation advice and carries out small scale enhancement works and archaeological research projects.

Stratascan is the largest provider of archaeological geophysics in the UK. Along with magnetic gradiometer and earth resistance surveys we also offer GPR with a wide range of antenna frequencies and multi channel systems to cover all situations. In June 2011 we became part of the SUMO group, and now offer topographic, measured building and utility surveys. We also provide forensic geophysical support to police forces in the UK and to the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains in Ireland.

We have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Achilles UVDB and CHAS accreditations, membership of The Survey Association and the EuroGPR.

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Suffolk Archaeology CIC is an independent and impartial company providing a full range of commercial archaeological services. As a Community Interest Company, SACIC are also committed to the public’s understanding of and involvement in archaeology and operate on a not for profit basis in order to support outreach activities in the local community.

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SCAU provides high quality, competitively priced, archaeological services. The Unit's highly skilled staff bring a wealth of experience to integrating the archaeological work for your project seamlessly into the development process.

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TVAS provide a full range of archaeological services with each project tailored to meet the needs of all the stakeholders. Established in Reading, we now have regional offices in Brighton and Taunton.

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TEP is an award winning environmental consultancy, established in 1997, working throughout the UK for private, public and third sector clients. Our historic environment team provides professional advice, tailoring our response to the needs of each unique project and can provide any level of support including feasibility appraisals, heritage statements, EIA, consultancy, design and commission of archaeological work, identification of heritage benefits, and expert witness services.

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The JESSOP Consultancy is a heritage practice that has a particular expertise in ‘understanding the historic environment’, specifically in regards to the archaeological recording and analysis of Listed Buildings, Landmark Structures and Designed Landscapes. It was founded in January 2012 and undertakes commissions throughout the UK from offices in Sheffield and Oxford. It provides targeted advice regarding the survey and investigation of buildings, historic gardens and heritage landscapes, that include concrete modernist buildings, 18th Century garden follies, Elizabethan water gardens and medieval defensive structures.

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TigerGeo is a leading provider of environmental geophysics, with key staff with over 40 years' experience of supporting archaeological projects . Our technical experience is second to none, having worked with a wide range of instrumentation across projects, terrains and environments and we have contributed to many industry consultations, guidance documents and academic projects across two decades.

We provide survey and consultancy across geophysical, LiDAR and topographic methods, including magnetics (gradiometry, intensity and susceptibility) , electromagnetic conductivity, radar, 2D and 3D electrical resistivity. As one of the pioneers of GNSS-tracking of instrumentation, cart and ATV-based systems we can deploy novel and rapid solutions for effective survey.

We maintain high standards to meet the requirements of the Geological Society of London (GeolSoc) and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA). TigerGeo is a member of EuroGPR, holds a valid OFCOM licence and all radar work is in accordance with ETSI EG 202 730. ATV drivers are LANTRA qualified and TigerGeo personnel are Fellows of GeolSoc (FGS), professional members of CIfA (MCIfA & ACIfA grades) and other appropriate bodies, including the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE - Near Surface Division) (MEAGE) and the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists (MISoilSci).

For more information about other sectors we work within, information about the company, including policy documents, etc., please visit our web site. Work towards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certification is commencing 2017 – you can follow our progress and see news on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Trysor undertakes a range of heritage/archaeological work including assessments, evaluations, watching briefs, uplands survey, interpretation and community archaeology.

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ULAS is an independent archaeological unit embedded in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester University. Its staff have a broad range of expertise, and the academic staff within the School have specialist knowledge covering a range of archaeological periods.

Our staff are fully trained in all stages of the planning process and have considerable expertise in understanding and recording heritage assets. All contract work includes a full consultancy service at no additional cost. ULAS also holds the Investors in People standard.

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Wardell Armstrong Archaeology is a commercial archaeological contractor which works throughout the UK on a wide range of projects in all sectors including renewable energy, utilities, mining/aggregates, house-building and transport. WAA has a proven track record of successfully managing and undertaking all types of archaeological fieldwork on behalf of their clients and offers a cost-effective and efficient service which is driven by the commercial realities faced by developers. WAA can provide the whole range of fieldwork services from geophysical survey through to full scale excavation and can also offer a full suite of post-excavation services including in-house specialist services.

Wardell Armstrong Heritage provide a comprehensive suite of archaeological and heritage consultancy services to clients in all business sectors. Our services range from project viability appraisals, consultancy and negotiations with statutory and local authorities, through to desk-based assessment, EIA and archaeological management and mitigation. We have considerable experience in the assessment of new development in sensitive historic environments, including World Heritage Sites and undertake setting studies, historic environment assessments and view analysis associated with tall buildings and renewable energy schemes. We have appeared as expert witness at Planning Hearings, Public Inquiries and Examinations in Public and are able to provide expert advice on heritage legislation and heritage planning related matters.

Our unique position as part of a larger environmental and engineering consultancy means that we are able to draw upon the expertise of disciplines such as ground engineering, geotechnics and ecology to offer clients cost-effective and time saving survey packages relevant to their particular development site needs.

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Understanding the significance of the historic environment is fundamental for the design of sympathetic proposals and submission of successful planning applications, listed building consents, scheduled monument consents as well as funding procurement.

Our team includes Heritage Consultants, Archaeologists and Historic Building Specialists who are experienced in providing an holistic understanding of sites throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as planning application and mitigation advice. In addition to desk-based archaeological and historic building assessments, we also undertake archaeological project management and schemes of archaeological building recording.

We are a Registered Organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and a Recognised Historic Environment Service Provider with the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC). Our team is also involved with a number of cultural heritage projects and we have extensive experience of HLF funded projects, community archaeology projects and production of Conservation Management Plans and Heritage Masterplans. We also offer expert witness services for public inquiries.

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Wessex Archaeology was established over 30 years ago. We operate throughout the UK and are proud to offer the full range of heritage consultancy, fieldwork, coastal & marine and specialist services.

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Local expertise with a national reputation. Whether your interests are in Worcestershire, or further afield, we provide a customer focused service.

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WYG is an established global project management and technical consultancy to the built and natural environment. We work in partnership with clients in over 35 countries to help them realise their corporate and project ambitions by providing innovative solutions. Our c.1,400 employees deliver multi-disciplinary consultancy services across design, planning, engineering, environment, transport planning, project management and social development to help change, shape and develop the world’s landscapes, societies and economies for the better.

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Wyvern Heritage and Landscape Consultancy works with local authorities, local communities and private landowners and brings together 10 years archaeological and heritage experience working within the commercial and private sectors. Our innovative consultancy offers particular expertise in the creation and interpretation of historic characterisations and associated management plans as well as the assessment and analysis of heritage assets at both a site based and landscape scale and the preparation of heritage statements. We also specialise in working in partnership with local communities on heritage projects.

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YAT’s Mission Statement:
York Archaeological Trust, recognising the exceptional importance of York’s historic environment, will provide and promote archaeology of the highest possible standards in York, its region and beyond.
By excellence in archaeological discovery, research, conservation, curation, academic dissemination and through training, education and widely accessible public presentation, the Trust, an educational charity, will maximise the public benefits of archaeology

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Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Miller Building, University of Reading
Reading, Berkshire RG6 6AB

0118 378 6446
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