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2012 election statements

Candidates for election to the Council and Executive

In alphabetical order

Click here for a pdf version of these statements.

Nominee (Council): ALLEN, Mark BSc, MIfA

Nominator: Rachel Hall, MIfA Seconders: Val Fryer, MIfA, Gary Coates, MIfA, Francis Pryor, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: Allen Archaeology Ltd, Unit 1C Branston Business Park, Lincoln Road, Branston, Lincolnshire, LN4 1NT

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I first cut my teeth in archaeology in the Young Archaeology Club, far too many years ago, before a memorable four seasons at the Crickley Hill training excavations in the early 1990s.

Having graduated from the University of Bradford with a BSc in Archaeology in 1996, like many field archaeologists I then worked for a number of archaeology units around the country before settling in Lincolnshire. In 2005 I set up my own commercial archaeology company, Allen Archaeology, following a number of years managing another local contractor.

I have been a member of the IfA for 12 years (MIfA for 5 years), but it was only when the company became a Registered Organisation in 2010 that I resolved to pursue a more active role in the Institute.

As someone who has been involved in field archaeology continuously for the past two decades, I have developed a keen interest in where the profession is going, not only during these difficult economic times but beyond. I would therefore like to put myself forward for membership of the IfA council to help in any way possible during the 2012-2015 period.

Nominee (Council): ALLEN, Steve BA, MA, MIfA

Nominator: Lesley Collett, MIfA Seconders: Robert Read, MIfA, Laura Templeton, MIfA, Margaret Mathers, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: 30 Otterwood Lane, Acomb, York, YO24 3JR

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement:

I have worked in Archaeology for nearly 25 years, initially as a field archaeologist but increasingly in post excavation practice, including Finds work and Illustration, in commercial and university environments. For the last 12 years I have been the Archaeological Wood Technologist at York Archaeological Trust. Between 2000 and 2011 I was a council member of the Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors, being successively Membership and Assessments Officer, Chairman and finally Treasurer and have therefore several years experience as a committee member of a professional Association. Since January 2012 I have been a member of the Validation committee and in April I became the chairman of the Graphics Archaeology Group.

I am committed to maintaining and reinforcing standards for Graphics work in the archaeological field and to ensuring that its practitioners are fully represented. I believe we need to improve links and communication between the different fields comprising our profession, to promote mutual understanding, better professional relations, better training opportunities and hence better serve the recovery, interpretation and publication of our common vocation.

Nominee (Council): COX, Chris BA, MA, MIfA

Nominator: Clare King, MIfA, Seconders: Gerald Wait, MIfA, Deborah Williams, MIfA, Nigel Clubb, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: Air Photo Services Ltd, Brinkworth House Business Centre, Brinkworth, Wiltshire, SN15 5DF

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I’m an archaeologist and specialist air photo interpreter. I’ve wored in commercial archaeology since 1985 and was elected as a Member of the IfA in 1990. As director at Air Photo Services Ltd, I work throughout the UK and Europe for utilities, developers, consultancies, lawyers and Local Authorities. I have experience in heritage consultancy and am training to be an IfA NVQ Assessor.

I’d bring my enthusiasm for archaeology and business to this position, practicality and a sense of humour, alongside analytical, administrative, representational and clear decision making skills. I would like to support and assist the IfA in its provision of robust services to its members, with a particular commitment to representing the membership fairly, training, early career development and equal opportunities in our profession. My current work involves technical analysis, report writing, team working, quality assurance, negotiation, training and supervision, and provision of advice in heritage and legal contexts. I hope these skills will benefit the IfA and I look forward to working as part of a strong team, on your behalf, if I were to be elected to join Council in 2012.

Nominee (Council): HOLLAND, Kirsten BSc, MIfA

Nominator: Robert Charles Janaway, MIfA Seconders: Nicky Powell, MIfA, Martin Brown, MIfA, Fiona Lee, AIfA

Nominee’s contact address: WYG Environment Planning Transport Ltd, Arndale Court, Otley Road, Headingly, Leeds, LS6 2UJ

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I am a Principal Archaeologist with WYG Environment Planning Transport with a workload focussed on DBA, EIA and procuring fieldwork services for clients. This role gives me insights not only into the commercial sector I work in, but those I work with in field archaeology, the curatorial sector, the wider environment and engineering professions and the current challenges and pressures across those.

I’ve been a member of the IfA since 2003 and actively involved since 2006 when I first joined Validation Committee. I have attended numerous IfA conferences and presented a half day workshop at the Oxford conference.

I am keen to expand my involvement with the Institute, particularly as it moves forwards with obtaining Chartership. As the profession faces numerous challenges from influencing decision makers in Government to providing training and promotion pathways for those entering the profession, it is important to have an active membership. I am keen to get members, who aren’t normally involved for whatever reason, opportunities to influence the direction of the Institute, especially when Council’s decisions have such a profound impact on the profession. I can only add that I’ll be an active member to the best of my ability.

Nominee (Council, Treasurer): MAYLAN, Neil BA, MIfA

Nominator: Claudine Gerrard, MIfA Seconders: Gerry Wait, MIfA, Richard Lewis, MIfA, Judith Doyle, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: C/o GGAT, Heathfield House, 91 Heathfield, Swansea, SA1 6EL

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I have been working as a professional archaeologist for over 30 years mainly in Wales, specialising in providing advice on the impact of development on the historic environment to the local Planning Authorities in Southeast Wales, I was co-opted onto the Council last year.

In standing for the post of Treasurer of the IfA I hope to bring to the role the financial experience I have gained in various capacities. For over 10 years I have been Treasurer of the Welsh Hockey Union, which has provided me with experience of managing funds of an organisation that contains both professional and voluntary staff. In 2007, I was elected as a Trustee of the Archaeological Organisations Pension Scheme and in 2012 became its Chair. This has provided me not only with an understanding of pension law and procedures but also the issues and problems of making decisions about members’ future financial provisions, organising and implementing an appropriate investment policy and ensuring that appropriate financial protocols are in place and met.

Nominee (Council): MEDDONS, Frank BA, PhD, FSA, MIfA

Nominator: Robert Whytehead, MIfA Seconders: Gary Brown, MIfA, David Divers, MIfA, Jane Sidell, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: 22 Carholme Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2HS

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement:

I have been an archaeologist professionally since 1980 having worked for the Ancient Monuments Laboratory (EH), DUA (MoL), Passmore Edwards Museum & Newham Archaeology Service and Pre-Construct Archaeology and since 1993 as one of the directors of the company with special responsibilities for PX and H&S. As well as being an IfA London Area Group committee member I am a Honorary Research Fellow at Royal Holloway. Besides my UK based work I have to confess to a more than passing interest in Andean archaeology.

As we are all aware the profession has been under increasing pressures and stress since the 2008 crash. Available work has reduced and intensity of competition increased. This has resulted in job losses, forcing wages downward and a demand for increased efficiency, all contributing to making the job increasingly difficult to do well. One of the few tools in our arsenal to influence matters for the better is to insist on an ethically flawless approach to the work we do. It is from this perspective that the IfA can make a real difference and it is here that I believe I can make a positive impact for the membership.

Nominee (Council): NEVELL, Michael Dr BA, MPhil, DPhil, MIfA

Nominator: Adam Thompson, MIfA Seconders: Norman Redhead, MIfA, Andrew Myers Dr, MIfA, Marilyn Palmer Professor, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: Centre for Applied Archaeology, School of the Built Environment, University of Salford, Joule House, Salford, M5 4NW

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I am currently Head of Archaeology at the Centre for Applied Archaeology, University of Salford, and Chair of the IfA Buildings Archaeology Group. I am also co-editor of the international journal ‘Industrial Archaeology Review’ and co-author of the new CBA book ‘Industrial Archaeology: A Handbook’. I have written many articles and books on industrial and historical archaeology, and have been involved in the study, teaching and delivery of community and industrial archaeology projects for over two decade.

I was formerly Director of the University of Manchester Archaeology Unit from 2002 to 2009. I believe my cross-disciplinary background in the worlds of commercial and academic archaeology provides me with a range of skills in these areas that would be useful to the committee. At a time when the academic and commercial sectors are under increasing financial pressures I would like to use my knowledge of these areas to help further understanding between the two and to help inform the defence of both.

Nominee (Council): ORAM, Richard BA, MIfA

Nominator: Andy Simmonds, AIfA Seconders: John Moore, MIfA, Rob Masefield, MIfA, Dan Bashford, AIfA

Nominee’s contact address: Historic and National Environment Team, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford, OX1 1NE

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: My name is Richard Oram and I currently work as a Planning Archaeologist providing archaeological advice to two Local Planning Authorities and a County Council as well as to a number of external bodies. Prior to this I worked for a range of companies both in the UK and in Ireland as a field archaeologist. I have a keen interest in community archaeology and work closely with a number of local societies and universities providing both advice and guidance and when needed, my labour and skills. For the last five years I have sat on the committee of the local regional CBA group. I am also a strong advocate of the benefits of bringing these sectors together where possible.

I have a strong belief in working towards a coherent suite of standards in archaeology that can be universally applied across the different sectors whilst still recognising the importance of regional differences and strong local knowledge and understanding. I can therefore bring my experience of a wide range of different sectors of archaeology to the Council along with a passion for developing our profession.

Nominee (Council): POWERS, Natasha BSc, MSc, MIfA

Nominator: David Bowsher, MIfA Seconders: Kim Stabler, MIfA, Chiz Harwood, MIfA, Don Walker, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: Mortimer Wheeler House, 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London, N1 7ED

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: Whilst completing a MLitt at the University of Glasgow I was lucky to be offered an IfA bursary with Headland Since graduating from the University of Bradford with a degree in Archaeological Science, I have been continually employed in commercial archaeology (with a short break for an MSc) as a field archaeologist and a human osteologist. This took me to sites throughout Britain and Ireland, including working on a broch in Shetland, excavating Roman burials at Spitalfields market, and uncovering prehistoric track ways in a bog in Ireland.

I started working as an osteologist at MOLA in 1999, reporting on cremations and inhumations in house and for external clients. For the past six years I have been Head of Osteology, managing a team of human and animal bone specialists. I believe that my experience on both sides of this archaeological fence has given me a grounded (excuse the pun) and pragmatic approach to the sometimes inherent conflicts of developer-funded archaeology, whilst as an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, I am keen to see the profession realise the full potential in forming greater links with the academic world. I am currently a member of the Forensic archaeology SIG expert panel and am co-author of the National Standards and Guidance for Forensic Archaeology.

Nominee (Council): SHEPHERD, Nick BA, PGDip, MIfA

Nominator: R J Williams, MIfA Seconders: D Poore, MIfA, J Dillon, MIfA, M Hutchinson, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: 24 Wales Street, Kings Sutton, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX17 3RR

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I have over 27 years experience in UK commercial archaeology as a fieldworker, manager and consultant. I have already served on Council for three years and have played an active role on working parties and committees, serving as Vice Chair Standards for the last year.

As a member of Council I have seen close up how much work the IfA undertakes to support the profession at a policy level and in the setting of professional standards; things that benefit all archaeologists. In future I would like to see more made of these successes, but also more emphasis placed on direct, tangible member benefits. I am convinced, however, that it is standards, accreditation and training that are key to promoting members interests and in proving value to our partners, clients and the public. While this should involve a stronger element of regulation I s not believe it is the job of the IfA to tell organisations what to pay their staff or how much to charge for their services.

The last three years have been enjoyable and rewarding; I’m keen to continue to support the process of change currently underway at the IfA and I would very much like the opportunity to continue to serve.

Nominee (Council): WILKINS, Brendon BSc, MA, MIAI, MIfA

Nominator: Colm Moloney, MIfA Seconders: Damien Shiels, MIfA, Jonathan Millar, MIfA,

Nominee’s contact address: Flat C, 1 Lee Church Street, London, SE13 5SG

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I am currently Operations Director for Rubicon Heritage in the UK, with over ten years experience directing and managing large, complex sites – usually in advance of large-scale construction projects, such as motorways, pipelines and railways. My career has taken me to both Britain and Ireland, and I am a full member of professional institutes in both countries. This duel experience of two very different statutory frameworks has led me to the conclusion that a strong, outward looking Institute that listens to the voice of its members is essential to the future of our profession. With a consistent research and publication record, I have lectured internationally on wetland archaeology, Irish archaeology and excavation methodology, and am particularly interested in building closer partnerships between the academic and commercial sectors. More recently, I have become interested in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as a sustainable solution to archaeology’s funding crisis, and have launched Europe’s first crowdfunded excavation at Flag Fen. It would be an honour to serve the Institute as a Council member, and bring my creative energies to the fore in these uncertain, challenging times.

Nominee (Chair): WILLS, Jan BA, FSA, MIfA

Nominator: Gerry Wait, MIfA Seconders: Adrian Tindall, MIfA, Ken Smith, MIfA, Stewart Bryant, MIfA

Nominee’s contact address: The Haven, Bussage, Stroud, GL6 8AX

Brief details of candidate’s career and personal election statement: I have been involved professionally in archaeology for over 30 years. With an early career in archaeological fieldwork I now lead the Archaeology Service at Gloucestershire County Council, delivering both curatorial and commercial services as an IfA Registered Organisation. My wider involvement in archaeology has encompassed SCAUM (now FAME) as Secretary, the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (variously as Chair and Executive Committee member), the Council for British Archaeology (as a Trustee), regional and local professional and community groups, and, since 2010, membership of IfA Council.

The more challenging the times the more important IfA’s national advocacy role on behalf of archaeology and archaeologists in the public and private sectors, and the development of the internal structures and status to enable it to sustain this role. Accordingly, I strongly support working towards Charter status for the Institute. IfA’s work must also be inclusive of the whole sector, across the UK, recognising the increasingly divergent legislative and policy regimes across the constituent nations. It is equally important to develop greater involvement in the business of the Institute by existing and new members, particularly those who have recently entered the profession, and to support their aspirations for careers in archaeology with appropriate training, conditions and pay. By seeking election as Chair I hope to contribute to this work.

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Miller Building, University of Reading
Reading, Berkshire RG6 6AB

0118 378 6446