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AGM 2012: elections

Election of Corporate members to the Council, Executive Committee and Membership Appeals Committee of the Institute of Field Archaeologists (trading as the Institute for Archaeologists) 2012

In July 2012 nominations were sought for candidates to the Council, Executive committee and Membership Appeals committee. As the number of nominations for Council exceeded the number of vacancies there will be a ballot in accordance with the provisions of the Institute’s Articles of Association (item 55.1, 55.2). Please find enclosed a ballot paper and accompanying information containing the candidates’ personal election statements.


There are nine vacancies on Council and 11 nominations were received. Corporate members may cast up to nine votes, with a maximum of one vote per candidate. The results will be announced at the 2011 Annual General Meeting.

Officers of the Executive Committee

There are three vacant Officer posts on the Executive committee. Only one candidate was nominated for each of the following posts:

  • Hon Chair - Jan Wills

  • Hon Treasurer - Neil Maylan

  • Hon Vice Chair Standards - Nick Shepherd

As only one nomination was received for Chair, Jan Wills will be declared elected at AGM. Subject to successful election to Council, Nick Shepherd will be declared elected for the post of Hon Vice Chair Standards at the AGM and Neil Maylan will be declared elected to the post of Hon Treasurer. If unsuccessful, the new Council will fill posts by co-option.

Membership Appeals Committee

No nominations were received. Council will fill vacancies by co-option.

The Postal Ballot

Only Corporate members of the IfA are entitled to vote and must have paid their current year’s subscription fee. Vote(s) for candidates to Council must be indicated on the ballot paper provided.

More information about nominees can be found here.

Please return the paper in an envelope addressed to the Chief Scrutineer (who is not a member of the IfA) to the IfA office address (below) by no later than Friday 22 September 2012. Ballot papers received after that date or those without a signature will not be valid.

Candidate statements

All candidate statements are available on the attached document or via this link.

Following the circulation of this notice, proposals for amendments for any resolutions must be received in writing no later than Wednesday 26 September 2011. Please refer to the AGM timetable circulated in July for further information. Amendments will not be accepted at the AGM.

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